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Softbums Baby Cloth Diapers Value Pak (1 Omni Shell with 3 One-Size Bamboo SUPER Pods)

$ 75.00

This 3-Pack includes 1 SoftBums Omni shell with Slide2Size and 3 One-size Bamboo SUPER Pods. The One-size SUPER Pods are easier to use, versatile, and fit perfectly in your SoftBums Shells. This pod is made up of 2 separate parts. The One-size Bamboo SUPER pod has rise snaps to instantly size to Small, Medium or Large. Attached is our useful and popular Small Bamboo Mini Pod that snaps onto the One-size Bamboo SUPER pod for extra absorbency at night or for heavy wetters. Each pod can be used alone for babies 3 months and under giving you 2 diaper changes for the price of one. Signature creamy soft fleece tops all of our Bamboo Pods. Both Pods can be changed out to reuse your Shells. They are super absorbent, super trim and dry super fast. Both Small and Large Pods are made to attach to your SoftBums shells with a snap, making a perfect diapering system. Both Pods are trim and fit in your SoftBums Shells with no folding or tucking. Just snap and GO!!

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