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Atlas Combo 2-in-1 Pregnancy and Postpartum Band - BellyMoms Maternity

Atlas Maternity Support Belt and Postpartum Band with Cold Compression Pack

$ 89.99 $ 99.99

The Trusted Authentic Atlas 2-In-1 Band and Atlas 2-IN-1 Combo is the world's only pregnancy belly band that transitions into a complete 360 postpartum band, back support, plus hip shaper. It adjusts as your body expands and shrinks. Atlas offers support and uplift during pregnancy and is a proactive wrap for health goals after baby is born. 


  • 360 degrees of even and controlled compression to help uplift and support your growing belly
  • Completely Adjustable with more than 12" of expandibility and shrinkability
  • Multi-Functional Uses: It is a maternity support band, a postpartum band, a back support and even hip shaper. All you need is one. It expand and shrinks with you so you save time and $ in the long run.
  • Atlas Pregnancy band can be a great benefit during 2nd-early 3rd Trimester and Atlas Postpartum band can be used right after your doctor's approval. For Natural & C-Section Delivery, and Post Abdominal Surgery.

Pre-Pregnancy Waist Size/Jean Size. It is so easy to choose accurately

XS-S (24"-32")- Expands To 52" and Shrinks Back To 24"

M-L ( 33"-41") - Expands To 60" and Shrinks Back To 33"

XL-XXL ( 42"-48")- Expands To 65" and Shrinks Back To 42"


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