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ARDO Calypso Double Plus Breast Pump

$ 210.00

The Calypso is one of the quietest and gentle yet most powerful breast pump on the market.  It allows you to gently express milk from both breasts at the same time.

 The gentle breast pump Double Plus saves time and includes: Calypso breast pump, 2 pump sets with breast shells 26 mm and 31 mm, 2 breast shell inserts 28 mm, 2 Optiflow 26 mm, brush for cleaning, bottle holder, battery compartment, power adapter, 2 lip valves (spare part), in retail packaging (4 per case).

  • Quietest Breast Pump on the Market
  • Ardo medical is a brand trusted by moms in over 50 countries
  • Independent Vacuum/Cycle (suction/speed) Settings - 64 total setting combinations for maximum customization by mom. "Vacuum Seal" Technology for Closed System Pump -- No Milk in Tubes or Pump
  • AA battery operation (no adapter needed) for operation away from electric power. Includes three flange sizes (26, 28 (insert) and 31mm)
  • This breast pump qualifies for health care re-imbursement

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